Refund Policy

Processing fee of is applicable for refundable fares. Cancellation is only allowed via phone. Refund requests will be accepted only after following conditions have been met:- 

1. All Cancellations must be done through our representative and email acknowledgement should be there from passenger. 
2. There will be no refund for No Show booking.
3. In case we have a waiver from airlines end. For that we will need at least 7 business days. Waiver request is subject to approval from airlines support desk.
Refund Time Frame: After the cancellation we will send a confirmation email related to the refund amount. This notification is just an acknowledgement of your request and does not automatically qualify you for a refund. After we receive you acceptance email for cancellation our refunds department will work with the refund desk of the airlines. After approval it will take 8-10 weeks from airlines to refund the amount. Cancellation fee will be charged by upfront. In case of denial of the refund this cancellation fee is refunded back to your account.